Elle-vated Ideas | Different by Design Ellev Design Studio specializes in art, design, and distribution of media. We design and develop concepts and marketing in the medium of web, graphics, photography, video, advertising, and more. We provide our clients with everything needed for a successful campaign or product. We have a diverse, professional, and experienced team of talent that has been pleasing clients and winning awards since our conception in 1997. We are not a fly-by-night company. We have stood the test of time and continue to grow, expand and refine our talents and professions for you, the client. We have clients that range from Swarovski Crystals to your local mom-n-pop’s, and we treat each with the same attention to detail and customer service. We do all this at a price you can afford as we have solutions for every budget.



Graphic Design

Website Design



Inbound Marketing

Public Relations

Trade Show/Event Planning

Mobile App Development


Social Media