Ellev Sponsors Charleston’s Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

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Charleston’s Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

As you can see from some of our fashion and celebrity photography work, we at Ellev Advertising Agency – www.ellev.com, are big fans of vintage motorcycles.  So when the opportunity came our way to host and sponsor the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride – www.gentlemansride.com – for Charleston, we were more than happy to do so as this is a huge international event that takes place in over 650 cities and 95 countries to raise money for men’s health.

Our creative director and vintage motorcycle enthusiast, Clifton Parker – you can make donations for Clifton’s DGR here – Gentleman’s Rider Clifton Parker, will be heading up and be hosting the actual ride throughout Charleston on September 30th, 2018 with the ride ending at the Royal American where Ellev Ad Agency has teamed up with the Charleston Arts Festival – www.charlestonartsfestival.com to host a grand closing event which begins around 5pm.

The Finale’ Event

The ride will take place throughout Charleston with the ending and finale’ being held at The Royal American. We plan to make this one the best rides and events of the entire Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride!  The after-party at the Royal American will consist of events such as an awards presentation, live music, a photography show featuring vintage motorcycles, a step and repeat for photos to commemorate the event, and much more!  All are welcome to come to join us for the celebratory closing event!

Currently, we are still signing up riders as well as sponsors for the for the rides after party event.  If you or your business would like to be a part of one of our many sponsorship opportunities, please feel free to contact us – Clifton Parker (843) 902-7107 or clifton@ellev.com – as we’d be happy to have you on board with this historic event!

Press and Coverage

Listed below are some of the press we’ve been getting, our Facebook page, as well as other information regarding Charleston’s Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride.  And please keep an eye out for Clifton’s interview coming on on WPDE’s Carolina & Co. on September 14th at noon!

CDGR Facebook Event Page:


City Paper Article:


Charleston Arts Festival: