“A” Is For Addy Awards – We Won!

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Ellev Advertising Agency is the kind of company and crew that gives every job 100% be it big or small.  With this said, we were very excited when we won a Silver Addy Award for the website design we did for our friends and clients – Surfrider Grand Strand – www.surfridergrandstrand.org. Like with every job there are days that you work hard with no recognition or reward so for us to receive an award of this stature, we were thrilled!  We had gone up against the big boys of advertising that charge 3 times more than us for the same quality of professional work and won!  I guess when you think about it, all our clients are winners in the end.  You get award-winning work at a fraction of our competitors, and we get to work with great clients like you!  This truly is a win-win situation!